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You have registered. That’s the first step! Thank you.
Tell your team to register too since we DO NOT TAKE any random photos.

After we schedule and photograph your team in a game, you will receive a text from us to view your photos. Please do this ASAP so you can see the images we have captured and work together to make sure we have what you want.
We only plan to photograph one game. However if there are specific needs, like pitching & catching, we want to capture those moments for you too. It’s important for you to MAKE THE TIME to view your photos!
You can view your photos and place your order in our Photo Store using our computer stations or by using your phone, tablet or laptop and going to www.ripkenphotos.com. Our on-site staff will be happy to show you the various options and products available.
When you checkout you can use your deposit as a credit or you use it towards the special offers we have on-site at the event. Be sure to ask our staff for details! Please note, your deposit is ONLY valid as a credit for action photos during the event. It will not be valid after the event.
All of our products (posters, digital photo packages and team photos) are printed and delivered on-site for you to take home and enjoy! Make sure you stop by the Photo Store before you leave to pick up your order or arrange to have it shipped for a nominal fee.
All photos will be REMOVED at the end of the event. Please MAKE THE TIME to view and purchase your photos before they are removed. The sooner, the better!
If you pre-purchased a Digital Photo Package you must still view and select the photos of your player. Once you have completed that process carefully choose the Pre-Paid Digital Photo Package and checkout. There will be no charge. After we receive your order our team will review it for quality and then send you a text and email for you to access and enjoy. This process may take up to 24 hours to complete. If you have any questions or need help, please come to our onsite Photo Store and we would be happy to help you.
Questions? Please stop by the Photo Store and ask us. We are here to capture moments and create memories… for you!