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Thank you for interest in the events we have been asked to source for our clients. Due to the sheer volume of requests we expect to receive please reply as soon as possible and add any comments that would be helpful for us to select you.

Please note this is NOT a partnership with Glossy Finish. You will be producing, managing and delivery products as your own brand. We will put you in touch with our clients and you will have direct contact with them to arrange your event.

There is a per event finder’s fee of $500 payable to Glossy Finish prior to your event. If your event is cancelled we will refund the entire finder’s fee.

Choose a Location

1Reno, NV
June 18 - July 1
July 29 - Aug 1
2Elizabethtown, KY
June 25 - July 1
July 9 - 15
July 21 - 25
3Round Rock, TX
June 25 - July 1
4Ocean City, MD
June 30 - July 3
5Houston, TX
July 15 - 18